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Precious Memories would like to bring you peace of mind at this important time.  We understand the relationship between pet owners and pet; our services are designed with the specific needs of each pet.  Our private cremation service offers pet owners the opportunity to have a diginified memorial for their pet with the personal touch of private cremation.  Locally owned, Precious Memories offers such services as removal from the place pet's passing whether it be at the owners home or veterinarian office to a full line of urns and other memorial items for your pet.

We offer the following:  
Same Day Service 
Free Pick Up & Delivery 
Affordable Fees
   Locally Owned & Operated  

Grief Counseling:  Grief is the normal response to any important loss of life.  We offer one-on-one grief counseling services to comfort you in your time of need.  We strive to provide you comfort in knowing we understand exactly how you feel and how your pet will be cared for by us.

Burial Services:  We offer burial assistance for those individuals who have physical limitations, based on individual needs.  All details at this difficult time are handled with the greatest of care.

Our service is performed one pet at a time.  (Private Cremation.)

One at time is all we do.  What this means is at the time of cremation your pet, and only your pet, will be in the cremation chamber.  After cremation, the chamber is cleaned and vacuumed out before the next cremation can begin.  This ensures that we can guarantee 100% that your pet, and only your pet's ashes are returned to you. 

Each private cremation is picked up separately from the place of passing, either the veterinarian office or your home.  We will not pick up from multiple locations at the same time.

Each private pickup is returned to the crematory before we reutrn to another location.  Every private cremation is picked up within hours of being notified and returned to the veterinarian office or home within two or three business days.  In some cases, same day service is possible.

Each private cremation is returned in either a real oak wooden urn or a velvet bag.  On the velvet bag is lettered in gold "Until We Meet Again Under The Rainbow Bridge."  A cremation certificate is issued and a poem of The Rainbow Bridge is personally addressed to the pet in Loving Memory with date of birth, if available, and the date of passing.

Volume based crematories do individual cremations, which means that there are numerous pets in the cremation chambers at the same time, each in an individual pan with an identification tag.  They also drive for miles out of their local area to pick up pets that have passed at numerous locations and taken back to their crematory in the same vehicle.

We leave no room for error...Our pets are family members...Shouldn't they be treated with dignity too.

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